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Dear Sir or Madam;


We do a have a problem with our license-server I would like to ask for help:


We have 5 concurrent licenses and 5 concurrent WI-Systems which are used for scanning our Webprograms in various locations.

Even if no Webinspect Program is running, we do often run into blocked licenses which may sooner or later lead to a message: There is no license available.

We do use:

16.10 WebInspect, patched to current level for the Scanning Servers


I cannot tell which Version of Patchlevel we are using for the license server, as this was more or less an inherited piece.


We often need to kick licenses manually, which tends to get a little anoying over time.


Any help would be highly apreciated. Thank you very much in advance for your kind help,


kind regards,



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    The licenses should dynamically return to an available status when WebInspect is closed.  You may need to have your LIM server logs reviewed by Fortify Support (support.fortify.com).  For the HP LIM, the specific files of interest for Support would be as follows:

    • C:\Program Files\HP\HPE Security License and Infrastructure Manager\Logs\*.*
    • C:\Program Files\HP\HPE Security License and Infrastructure Manager\DB\Database.SDF
  • Thank you very much for your reply.

    I will contact HP Fortify Support and hand in the respective log-information.

    Quite helpful for me to have the list at hand as to which files and information I need to prepare.

    thank you very much,

    best regards


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