Database requirement to install SSC

I have a query regarding the installation of database for HP Fortify.

1) Is it OK if we install both Fortify SSC and SQL Server database in one windows server machine? What are pros and cons having the database in one server and in two different servers?

  • Yes, you can co-install the SSC Server (Java web server framework) on the same Windows machine as your MSSQL server. As a proof, in Fortify Presales we use a demo image that consists of SSC, WebInspect Enterprise, MSSQL, WebInspect desktop, and SCA all on one Windows 2012.  This is "acceptable" for demos but not optimal for live use.

    Despite this, for long-term use and especially for performance, MSSQL can be a resource hog and you would be better off installing it alone on its own machine.  In my experience, MSSQL really performs best solo and on bare metal.  Some may say they can get it to behave, but I do not have the DBA team needed to do that.

    The same answer is true for users of WebInspect desktop, that if you are not using SQL Express, you will get better performance by housing MSSQL on a separate machine rather than the localhost.