Fortify Compatability

Can anyone point me to a compatibility matrix for Fortify Products?  I'm trying to find out which versions of SSC are compatible with other versions of SSC, SCA, and WebInspect.  I skimmed the release notes and the install guide and didn't see anything.




  • In the System Requirements doc there's a matrix for the specific version of Fortify the doc is written for (at least there is in the 4.20 release). But's it's not a full matrix that covers everything.

  • Hi Mike, as Steve says you can find this in the doc - page 26. This is from an SSC Server perspective.

    As a general rule of thumb the SSC Server needs to be either the same or a more recent release than SCA and the client tools. We currently run full QA on the compatibility going back a 3 releases. So SSC v4.2 officially supports v4.10, 4.00 and 3.90. It should still work no problem with any previous releases. However, as we haven't run full QA against those, we can't give it the official thumbs up.

    SSC is a little more fussy when it comes to WebInspect and WebInspect enterprise. Each release has a corresponding WI and WIE release it supports. As such you will need to upgrade these in tandem with SSC.

    If there's any specific combinations you can't find just let me know and I'll double check them for you.

  • Thanks to both of you.  I will begin taking in fpr files from an older version of SCA so I was specifically looking for compatability with SSC 4.10 and SCA 3.90.  It sounds as though that's not an issue.  Thanks again.