Auto Create Projects in SSC

I have a development team that creates Jenkins projects that are associated with individual branches within the code stream.  When these Jenkins projects are created they're not using an official naming convention since they're development streams.  They would however like to scan and publish the fpr's to SSC however SSC requires a project be created along with a version and that permissions be set for the SSC project.  Has anyone else experienced this type of scenario, if so how did you resolve it?  It's not feasible for them to contact me and have a SSC project each time this happens as it apparently happens often.  My primary question is how to go about auto creating SSC projects and if that's even feasible.



  • As far as I am aware the fortifyclient utility or the Fortify Jenkins plugin currently does not support automated project creation. If you would like to see this functionality added, you can try to file a feature request via HP Fortify Technical Support.

    SSC does however provide web services that can be used to automate certain tasks. SSC ships with a sample utility to provision projects based on a CSV file; please have a look at HP-Fortify-Server-WAR\Samples\ProjectProvisioning for more information.

    Maybe this sample program already fits most of your needs, otherwise you can use this sample code as the basis for developing a custom project provisioning tool.