Receiving "check error CheckID: 10942"

While running a scan, I am receiving  "check error CheckID: 10942". See attached. Does anyone know what could cause the error and how to solve itWebinspect error.PNG


  • The error seems to indicate a problem loading the audit engine that supports the check.  It is most likely not an issue with that check, just that happened to be the check that needed to call that audit engine.  It could have been a temporary issue reported during that scan, or you might have an installation issue.

    You can review the WebInspect logs using the included Logs Viewer tool.  By default it opens to display log data from a selected, individual scan, but you can toggle that to the WebInspect application logs from its toolbar area.  Separately, you can manually browse these text files under the Logs folders (defined in your Application Settings > Directories panel).  Within the Logs folder structure will be many sub-folders named using each scan's unique ScanID.  There will also be a sub-folder named with all zeros (000) which houses the WebInspect application logs.

    You might want to Zip up that 000 folder and perhaps the log folder for this scan (it's ScanId is shown in the Scan Log tab at the bottom of the scan UI) and ship them to the Fortify Support team for review.  See for contact details.