Moving SSC to a New Server

We need to move our instance of SSC to a new VM. The current VM is running Windows Server 2016 and the new one will be running Windows Server 2019. 

The file paths for both instances will be the same as will the version of SSC and Tomcat. 

My question is, how is the best way to move SSC? Can I copy the existing Tomcat directory and move it to the new server? Or should I installed Tomcat on the new server first, then run the SSC Setup Wizard from the new server. 

The database will remain the same, again, this is simply putting the existing application on a new VM, then modifying DNS to point to the new IP address.

Any suggestions or advice for this would be greatly appreciated.


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    I think this covers everything! The most important folder is the fortify.home\ssc\conf as it contains the secret.key.

    1. Place the SSC instance in maintenance mode
    2. Stop Tomcat service
    3. Go to <tomcat>/bin and run “service.bat remove”
    4. Create a backup of the SSC database
    5. Verify backup of database
    6. Copy the Tomcat folder to the new server on the same path where it was previously
    7. Copy the fortify.home directory to the new server on the same path where it was previously
    8. Copy the JAVA keystore to the new server
    9. Go to <tomcat>/bin and run “service.bat install”
    10. Configure the Tomcat service to run with the same credentials as on the old machine as this determines where the fortify.home directory is located
    11. Start the Tomcat service
    12. Access SSC application and go through initialization options without seeding database
    13. Restart new SSC server to take out of maintenance mode

    Good luck!

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    @ebell Thanks for this! I appreciate the level of detail!

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