Fortify SCA on Azure DevOps Azure Hosted Agent

Has anybody had any success in getting Fortify SCA to run on an Azure Hosted Agent? I am able to do the install of Fortify SCA, but I am unable to successfully get the Azure DevOps Fortify Plugin to recognize the sourceanalyzer app on the PATH. I get this error:

"You must have Fortify Static Code Analyzer version 16.11 or later installed. It may also be necessary to restart the agent from a new command-window or restart the agent service so any changes to executable PATH environment are visible to the agent."
As I'm using an Azure Hosted Agent, how do I go about "restarting the agent" within the pipeline?
I can tell you that immediately after installing Fortify SCA, I have a step that kicks off a shell script that successfully runs fortifyupdate and confirms sourceanalzyer is installed.