Working Sample for bulk API Request

We are trying to integrate Operations Orchestration and Fortify for application Creation Process.

1) We have successfully created application using /ssc/api/v1/projectVersions but the application is not getting committed and showing as "Finish Later".

2) We have few mandatory fields that should be passed before committing the application.

Can someone provide working example for how to pass attribute values to project and commit at the same time (bulk api)?

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Riyas Hussain A

  • Were you aware of the SSC Server JavaScipt Sandbox, showing API samples?

    I believe your use case is covered by


    Creating a version in SSC is a three-part process.

    1. create the bare bones resource
    2. assign attributes / users / templates
    3. commit the version (ready for use)

    One optional fourth step can be added if the options.copyCurrentState is set to true, to copy application state from an existing version.

    async.waterfall is not covered here. If you want to know more about it, see the Authentication section, which explains it better.

    The following code blocks show the bare minimum required to create a working application version in SSC. There are many assignable parameters, such as bug tracker integrations, custom tags, and so on.


    At a minimum, a version must include some basic naming info and the application name (application is referred to as “project” in legacy releases). The application is a logical container for versions to be used for reporting / filtering / grouping, and so on (for example, Application=Office, version=95, version-2017)

            resource: {
                "description": options.description,
                "active": true,
                "committed": false,
                "project": {
                    "name": options.appName,
                    "description": options.appDesc,
                    "issueTemplateId": options.issueTemplateId
                "issueTemplateId": options.issueTemplateId
  • Hi Thank you for your reply. Basically we are using curl command from OO to create application in Fortify.

    We have successfully created the application but it is not getting committed.

    In order to commit we need to pass two mandatory fields for which we need help with API working format that can be used in OO. Currently the document provided is not clear. Since we are new to Fortify integration if any working api for setting attributes and commit using curl will be really helpful.

  • There are 7 API calls that needs to be fulfilled before committing the version to SSC. In my case, only 4 API calls are required since it covers all the mandatory (marked with asterisk) fields/attributes filled for a project version

    1. PerformanceIndicatorHistories
    2. AuthEntities
    3. CustomTags
    4. Responsibilities
    5. VariableHistories
    6. Attributes
    7. iidMigrations

    Ensure that your API calls fills attributes/fields that are marked as mandatory in your SSC for project version creation

  • Hi Parthiban,

    Thanks for your reply. For uswe believe its only Attribute and Commit. Do u have working sample i can use for reference for Attributes API? We are not sure about the format of API data that needs to be passed for attributes.

    Thanks and Regards

    Riyas Hussain

  • Attributes definition varies depending on SSC configuration. I would suggest you to get the attributes of existing project through "Attribute of Project Version Controller" and modify accordingly