REST API "/projectVersions/{parentId}/performanceIndicatorHistories" (list) only returns performanceIndicators of most recent artifact scan

Hello Fortify Community, 

I am struggling to find the correct way to access performance indicators for my project version using the REST API. I would like to be able to access all of the "data points" in the version trend page (https://<myfortifyurl>/ssc/html/ssc/version/<parentId>/trend/...) using the REST API and it seems like GET /projectVersions/{parentId}/performanceIndicatorHistories  is the correct call. However, this API call only returns the performance indicators of the most recent scan date for that project version. The "start" and "limit" parameters in the swagger UI seem to have no effect. 

Is this not the intended behavior for that REST endpoint? Is there another REST call I can make to access the performance indicators for all scan dates of a project version?

(Fortify SSC version is 18.20.1072)