Fortify Token - Access Denied

Seems like none of the tokens work for me. I tried generating a couple of tokens and it doesn't work through postman or curl. Even passing username and creds doesn't work through curl or postman.

Any idea why none of the tokens work for me? 

I'm trying to generate a report via api 

curl --request POST --header authorization: FortifyToken xxxxx --url --header accept: application/json --header content-type: application/json --data {"name":"demo-spring-boot-2","type":"PROJECT","typeDefaultText":"Application Reports","format":"PDF","note":"","projects":[{"id":6,"name":"demo-spring-boot","versions":[{"id":10005,"name":"1.0","developmentPhase":""}],"projectVersionsCount":1}]}

{"message":"Access Denied. ","responseCode":403,"errorCode":-10301}


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