BIRT Report Design

for my company I need to customize some SSC report templates.
Such as Application Summary, Developer Workbook, CWE Top 25, Owasp Top 10, etc.
The customization involves changing the page margins, adding some tables, adding headers and footers on all pages, changing fonts, and adding my company logo.
I downloaded the templates of my interest from SSC in rptdesign format and tried to open them with BIRT Report Designer 4.8 to edit them. The result is that the editor does not seem to be able to open them correctly, messages appear indicating that many of the report items are corrupt.
How can I go about solving this problem?
Is it possible in your experience to make the changes listed to the SSC templates?



  • This usually happens if you try opening the templates downloaded from SSC. It is recommended you open them from the original reporting bundles that come with the SSC installer or the extra ones that can be downloaded in premium content site. The dependencies are found in the bundle.

    You can also view the version of the Eclipse BIRT Designer used by opening the file in a text editor and looking at the <property name="createdBy"> field.

    We also recommend you download the Eclipse all-in-one editor that includes the BIRT designer.

  • Ok,

    i've imported the dependencies into eclipse birt designer and now i can see less errors.

    What is the tool that comes with SSC Installer which i can use to edit the templates?

  • My apologies for the confusion as there isn't a "tool" that comes with SSC. I was referring to the report bundle -