Fortify SSC tomcat upgrade

Hi All,

We have Fortify SSC v20.2 which is running on tomcat server version 9.0.53. As a part of vulnerability fix, we need to upgrade tomcat server to 9.0.54.

If someone done this before, Could you please provide me step by step procedure to upgrade tomcat without impacting the existing configuration like DB, seed bundles and also ScanCentral SAST and DAST config?

Platform: Windows

I hope Fortify SSC v20.2 supports tomcat version 9.0.54

I had viewed this but i still have doubt when we redeploy ssc.war, do we need to configure DB and do seed database freshly again?

  • It would be helpful if I get any assistance on this.

  • You should be able to update your Tomcat instance without issue. Some things to keep in mind would be the location of your certstore and any modifications made to Tomcat.

    You will need to redeploy the ssc.war in the new Tomcat instance; however, you shouldn't need to reconfigure your database nor reseed as those files/settings are either in the database or in fortify.home. 

    If you still have doubts, it may be best to open a ticket with Fortify Support and as always perform backups before making any changes and or modifications.