Webinspect macro Login

Hello ,  I have a problem with recording Macro , when i use my web browser then access the website and set Username and Password it's redirect to Dashboard 

but when i use the macro record when click button login , it's not redirect to dashboard it's stop in this step , 

  • Without substantial samples and details provided publicly here, you may be better off bringing the attempted Macro and some Proxy-captured data to Fortify Support for them to help you review it.  See my suggestions below for Proxy work.

    If the site requires a specific browser (please verify, do not assume), then you can edit the User-Agent used by the Login Macro Recorder under its settings.

    Perhaps most useful for identifying your trouble would be to run the Login Macro Recorder through an intercept proxy.  You would need a proxy, such as the included Web Proxy, or even BURP, and you would then edit the Proxy Settings within the Login Macro Recorder.  This combination would permit you to monitor the web traffic between the LMR an the web site, to see what errors are occurring.  The best two materials to capture and study would be a proxy capture of the "normal browser experience" of logging on, as well as the proxy capture of the Recorder attempting to do the same.

    Do you know if the site uses Network Authentication or a Client-Side Certificate in addition to the expected Forms Authentication?