WebInspect API Service Does not Start


I am getting the following error in event viewer while starting the WebInspect API (21.1.0) service.


[1/11/2022 10:37:09 AM][ERROR] System.Exception

Unable to check for and/or install proxy root certificate.

at HP.WebInspect.RemoteControl.Proxy.ProxyControllerConfig.Setup()
at HP.WebInspect.RemoteControl.Server.Start()
at WIRCServer.WIRCService.OnStart(String[] args)


It works fine on another machine.

Please advise if any one has faced anything similar.


  • Our proxy uses our own root certificate. The error indicates we are having a problem installing that root certificate on the startup of the API service. This is usually a permissions issue or corruption with C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachinesKeys.

    The first thing I would try is modifying the Logon As value for the WebInspect API service to see if that allows it to start. For example:

  • Verified Answer

    In addition to Ethan's test for the service with Log On As, can you share anything in your API configuration which might be different from the default?  The set-up can be accessed by running the "Micro Focus Fortify Monitor" tool, then opening its resulting "hacker" icon found in the OS System Tray.

    If that fails to allow you to configure and start the service, what if you launch this Monitor tool with Run As Admin?

    • file:///C:/ProgramData/HP/HP%20WebInspect/Help/WebInspect/index.htm#ASCMonitor_Config_WebInspectAPI.html 

    Defaults for 21.2:

    • Host = +
    • Port = 8083
    • Authentication = None
    • Use HTTPS = off
    • Log Level = Info
  • Suggested Answer

    Hi Ethan,

    providing permissions on the folder resolved the issue. 
    Thank you!!

  • I did try running as admin explicitly but to no success. Thank you for your inputs nonetheless!

  • To narrow down whether this is an issue with the product or Windows configuration, see if you can run the WebInspect API from the command line:

    "%programfiles%\Fortify\Fortify WebInspect\WIRCServer.exe"

     provided the default config; however, you can change these if needed during testing by modifying the switches passed at the command line. To change the port for example:

    "%programfiles%\Fortify\Fortify WebInspect\WIRCServer.exe" -p 8085

    If you need to modify the port for the service, you can do so by running the Micro Focus Fortify Monitor application. This will place an icon in your system tray. Right click on the icon and choose the option for "Configure WebInspect API".

    If you are still having issues, it may be time to open a ticket with support for further analysis and assistance - support.microfocus.com.