Fortify WebInspect Entitlements Question

Hello everyone, 

I'm new in Fortify WebInspect, I started my 15 day trial. But in the system, in my entitlements , there is a product "Fortify WebInspect Evaluation Sub" and it seem, it expires in 2 months, but my trial time is 15 day. So I'm really confused

Here is my question:

What is entitlements ?

What is Fortify WebInspect Evaluation Sub and what does it provide ?

Is it free for which ı mentioned 2 months ?

Is it cancellable ?

Thanks for your help,

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  • I would recommend reaching out to one of our sales persons for a "complete" answer to these questions. However, I will share my understanding.

    • A trial license for Fortify WebInspect is for 15-days.
    • Enablements is what afford you access to product support and updates.
    • My assumption is the "Fortify WebInspect Evaluation Sub" is a subscription given to those who request an evaluation. Again, I have no experience with this aspect and would direct you to sales or customer support.
    • Again, the trial of WebInspect is 15-days. You may be able to get this extended by reaching out to sales.
    • Unsure what you mean by "cancellable".
  • Thank you for your answer. I've contact with the license support team and waiting for the detailed answer.

    I mean for cancellabe is "after the expire of product, i can deactivate my product/account/subscription without any fee and licence cannot be renewed automatically without my permission/consent.

  • If you only signed up for a trial then the answer should be yes.

  • For the Fortify WebInspect , I only signed up for trial. But I don't even know what is "Fortify WebInspect Evaluation Sub". So I'm confused right there. Thank you again for your help.