SCA failed to scan WSDL files


Even though it shows the WDL files in the list of qs-sca-scanned-code-files actually it fails to scan the WSDL files. This is failing on a server set up fusing a Jenkins pipeline. Every other extensions are working properly including XML using the same pipeline. We tested it on a separate desktop machine where it scans and reports the findings properly. 

When we renamed one of the WSDL files as XML it worked.  

  • Suggested Answer


    You can tell SCA to treat the WSDL files as XML by entering the correlation in the properties file.

    The properties files are located in the <sca_install_dir>/Core/config directory. Look for the file.

    In the properties file, each property consists of a pair of strings: the first string is the property name and the second string is the property value.

    As shown above, the property sets the translation to use for .htm files. The property name is and the value is set to HTML.