Using Security Assistant - Fortify Unplugged - YouTube video

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Using Security Assistant - Fortify Unplugged - YouTube
In this #MicroFocus #Fortify Unplugged video, we will walk you through the install, set up and use of Security Assistant....
  • I’m trying to use you static analyser for eclipse, but I really cannot set it up! I have been trying to a few hours but it just doesn't work. First I tried On Demand, it required username password, I used what I have but it tells me they are incorrect. Then I tried to use security assistant for eclipse, it requires a license file which I have no idea where to find it. My email is my username.

    Could anyone help with this super annoying software?

  • Hi

    if you are an on Demand customer you should make sure to use the right URL as well as the right tenant beside your username and password

    If you are not onDemand customer you have to use the eclipse plugin from the download portal

    The license for security assistant should be available via the TAM for Fortify on Demand customers

  • Hey, thanks for your reply.
    Where can I find "the right URL"?
    Where can I find "the TAM"?
    I wanna use the trial version for now. Is it even possible? Thank you again!
  • as far as i know this is not possible with the trial version - sorry

    you would need to contact somebody from MicroFocus Sales for that

    if you let me know your email I can get in contact with you and get you in contact with Sales

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