Parsing error with WebInspect 20.2.0 test license file


I'm having troubles activating a test license for Webinspect 20.2.0.


I have generated the request license file with the token sent by a person from Microfocus, went to and generated the response license file successfully.

The problem here is that, when I try to perform the activation with the response file, I get an error: "License file failed to be parsed".


I think that the problem is in the client data. The token is generated for a person with some non-UTF8 characters in the name, and in the response license file, these characters are shown like '?' character. For example: 

<LastName>P?rez Rodr?guez</LastName>   


How can I solve this?


Thanks in advance.




  • At this time the only way to resolve this is to not include those characters. The product management team is aware of this.

  • Hi, ebell.

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    Then, it's necessary to generate a new license Token changing the customer data, without any character of this kind, isn't it?

    I tried to modify the response license xml in order to not include these characters, but it didn't work. I guess that the original file downloaded from the offline license url must not be modified, since it has some checksum system (sha1 cypher, I think). Am I right?


    Thanks in advance.




  • That is correct. Those characters will need to be removed from the registration information before the request file is created. Modifying the response will not work as you've discovered.