Web Inspect License details



Can you please provied the Web Inspect license deatils per year?



Tamilvanan G


  • WebInspect (desktop) uses an Activation Token that is applied using an Internet connection, but can also be applied Offline if necessary.


    The typical Perpetual license is a Named USer model, meaning it is locked to the current (Windows) user and machine.  That user may self-Deactivate the Token so that it may be reused on another machine or transferred to another user.  If that user login or machine is no longer available, then Fortify Support may be contacted to issue a Soft Deactivation on the HP License portal for you.


    There is also a (Perpetual) Concurrently User license where the Token or Tokens are hosted on a HP License & Infrastructure Manager machine (HP LIM), and then dynamically leased from their license pools to multiple users or installations of WebInspect.  This is optimal to support a team of part-time users.  Th eLIM installation MSI file comes with WebInspect, its installation is detailed in the WebInspect Installation Guide, and it is essentially a very small IIS web service that operates its own SQL CE database.


    Separate from the Perpetual license types, HP Fortify also offers Term or Contractor licenses.  These may be purchased for 1-month or 12-month periods.  These licenses include the Support/Maintenance fees, but the license is fully deactivated on its expiration date, it does not renew nor can it continue to operate in any fashion.