Scans stopped automatically with WebInspect 10.40


Recently we have upgraded WebInspect from 10.30 to 10.49 via smart update, we encountered 2 issues: 


1. As we start manual scans,  webinspect always prompt a dialog indicating some settings is not configured right as following, but even if we confgured IE settings as per the info,  the error still exists.


Unable to configure brower to collect traffic data.

Typically this is caused by HP WebInspect Browser Helper add-on being disabled in Internet Explorer.
To enable the add-on, in Internet Explorer click Tools menu, Manage Add-ons, locate HP WebInspect Browser
Helper and click Enable.


Alternatively, you can configure Internet Explorer proxy settings using Tools menu, Internet Options, Connections
tab, LAN Settings, and settings Address and Port to "X.X.X.X:XXXXX


2. In order to solve this problem, I search serveral posts in this forum and try deleting "browser" and "dal" directory in WebInspect home directory in case of some inconsistencies while upgrading from 10.30 to 10.40, then restart WebInspect, but another problem occurs:  afte a while the scan started, it stopped automatically.


Any helps?  Thanks in advance.




  • Update the problem description:


    Please ignore the problem 2 it's because i set a wrong proxy server and port.


    I wanna add some details to problem 1:   scan mode is Manual, in the "Step Mode" panel while clicking "Browse" button, the warning messages prompt.


    Add another problem:

    While selecting non-manual mode(such as Crawl and Audit), limit the scan scope to "Directory and subdirectories",  after starting the scan, it only crawls the diretory itself and does not expand, the scan completed after 1 or 2 mins.


    scan logs like this:

    2015/9/7 15:22:15  Scan start, ScanID: XXXXXXX, Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\HP WebInspect\WebInspect.exe

    2015/9/7 15:23:32  Process unused Custom Parameter Rules Start:

    2015/9/7 15:23:32  Process unused Custom Parameter Rules Stop, 0 sessions created:

    2015/9/7 15:23:36  Verify Audit Start:

    2015/9/7 15:23:36  Verify Audit Stop:

    2015/9/7 15:23:40  Scan Complete, ScanID: XXXXXXX

  • Verified Answer

    For Item #1:


    Are you able to kick off the Manual Step-Mode scan from the wizard, but not to manually trigger it later after an automated  scan has been run or Paused?  Or does this error appear at both points, when the Step-Mode browsing action is activated?


    Do you have the Application Settings for Step-Mode set to use a static port or a dynamic port (default)?  If using a static port, are there any conflicts on your system (netstat -a)?


    After you see this error regarding MSIE, what if you manually open a different browser (anything) and manually configure it for the (static) listener port of Manual Mode, leaving the MSIE browser and/or error message minimized in the background?


    Is there a HIPS installed or perhaps Group Policies limiting the user's abilities to alter the MSIE browser's proxy settings?  Sometimes our method of hooking Web Proxy into and altering the IE proxy is seen as malicious activity and may then thwarted.


    I believe the Step-Mode option in WebInspect 10.40 now permits the user to select either MSIE or Firefox as the favored browser to spawn.  Do you receive the same browser helper error message when you opt for Firefox instead of the MSIE default?


    Instead of using the Manual Step-Mode scan method, what if you try the Guided Scan Wizard and under the Scan Optimization section you perform the desired manual browsing before the scan actually begins?





    For Item #2:


    When opting to use Restrict To Folder, the restriction anchors on the final folder listed in the Starting URL field, i.e. the last item enclosed in forward slash marks ("/"). Given that behavior, do you see any issue with the Starting URL you have provided?


    Are you using saved scan settings files from WebInspect 10.30, or just the defaults from 10.40.  Have you manually opened the Default Scan Settings in 10.40 and clicked the link on the lower left for Restore Factory Defaults?  Does that correct the issue being encountered now?  (SmartUpdate may retain the user's old settings rather than over-write them automatically with the newest form.)



    If these do not lead you to a correction, you may need to collect your logs and submit them to Fortify Support at  Key items they will want may include the following.


    • Export of a "bad" scan to *.SCAN format, particularly with the logs included and Traffic Monitor enabled.
    • Or, a Zip of the logs folder for your scan.  This folder is named with the scan's ScanID and may be identified under the Application Settings > Directories panel.


    • Zip of the WebInspect logs folder, named with all zeroes in the same Logs folder identified in the Application Settings.


    • Run the Support Help tool to collect and save system information packet to send them.
  • Sorry about my late reply, I'll try your solutions and then see if it works, thank you.