How to export the list of Analyzed Files from SSC ?


is there a way to export a list of all analyzed files from SSC? I have information about the number of analyzed files and this differs from the total list, so I would like to export the list of files in order to find missing files. 

In SSC I can group by files but I only see the list of files that contains at least one vulnerability

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    There does not look to be any good way to pull a list of files out of SSC.   The information is contained in the FPR files and this is very easy via the SCA command line.  With something like sourceanalyzer -b iGoat -show-files

    I would suggest you open up a support ticket on this one as there may be a few other options we can explore to help you get this information. 

    Thank you

    Mark LaCasse
    Fortify Customer Support
    Micro Focus


  • Thanks very much, I solved by: 

    1. Downloading fpr, unzip it
    2. Grepping and counting the number of <entry> tag inside src-archive/index.xml 

    Anyway, I will try with your solutions, surely more elegant !