How to add line parameter to scan



I want to add my custom parameter to scan in this case "a"


hxxp://[SQL injection CHECK]


I was trying custom policy but no luck. Any help ?


Also how to add more ? a,b,c ?



Thank you !



  • TomyLamote;


    Within the Policy Manager tool, you would add a Custom Check using the File Menu or a right-click menu once you are in the Attack Groups view/tree.  See the Policy Manager's Help for the article, "Creating a Custom Check".  It sounds like you want to add a Parameter Injection, so select that from the wizard options rather than Simple Attack.  Bear in mind that your Custom Check's  attack payload will be run against all parameter inputs found during the scan, not simply one that you attempt to name.


    Within the Custom Check, you will need to specify the regex for a valid attack, so please review the WebInspect Help on Regular Expression Extensions to understand what it offers.  WebInspect's regex extensions are tailored for HTTP traffic with simple location tags such as [STATUSCODE], [ALL], [HEADERS], [BODY] , so you do not have to write complex regular expressions for CRLF, et al.



    If this Custom Check option is still not advanced enough, you may want to investigate our WebInspect Extension for Visual Studio 2013 which permits you to add and create Custom Agents.  that will require a bit more work as well as VS skills.



    From Policy Manager Help:


    Parameter injection

    This type of attack replaces an argument value with an attack string.



    will be changed to


    There are several types of parameter injection, as follows:




    • SQL Injection

      SQL injection is the act of passing SQL code into an application. These attack strings are composed of fragments of SQL syntax that will be executed on the database server if the web application uses the string when forming a SQL statement without first filtering out certain characters.

      • Attack Type: Parameter Injection
      • Attack: ' [an apostrophe]
      • Signature: [[STATUSCODE]5\d\d