HPE LIM 3.10 installers and docs.zip

  • The HPE License & Infrastructure Server is a small IIS web site used to maintain license pools for WebInspect Concurrent User licenses.
  • The LIM version found in WebInspect 10.50 and 16.10 is called v3.10, but it is largely the same as v3.0 and v2.0.
  • The path to the LIM installer is C:\Program Files\HP\HP WebInspect\
    • The installer file choices are LocalLicenseServer.msi (32-bit) and LocalLicenseServer64.msi (64-bit)
  • Take the appropriate installer file and move it to the IIS server that you will use for running the HPE LIM.
  • Review the WebInspect Install Guide document for details on the LIM installation, around Chapter 3.
      • for the WebInspect 16.10 release: 
HPE LIM 3.10 installers and docs.zip