Sample WebInspect license creation on Poetic web site.jpg

  • This is just an annotated screen shot of a page on the Poetic web site.
  • The Poetic web site is used for Electronic Redemption of your HP Order.
  • In particular, this screen details the fields available for generating one's new WebInspect desktop Activation Token.

Key details here with regards to our WebInspect desktop product.

  • HP Software tends to be installation-centric.  This is why there is a "Target Name" field to identify where you plan to apply the license.  This is of no real importance for WebInspect and the Fortify team, so just fill it in with anything.  Perhaps just use the network name of the anticipated installation machine.

  • The Allowed IP / "IP Address Range" field is limited to a single IP Range, yet HP Fortify does not generally limit nor sell WebInspect licenses based on the target IP ranges the customer may define for their WebInspect license.  Most WebInspect licenses permit unlimited scans or unlimited IP targets, except for the Flex licenses.  We recommend starting broad with a range such as "" or "0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000-ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff"
    • After the Token has been generated, if you need alternative ranges, or wish to add IPv4/IPv6 ranges to the original entry, you must submit a Fortify Support case.  Provide them the desired set of IP ranges and the Activation Token, and wait.  The request will be passed through the HP Licensing Team and once it has been completed, your next SmartUpdate should update your license automatically.  If you are operating in an isolated network, you would need to repeat the Offline Activation process to get this update to your machine.

  • The "AMP Mode" field is now known as the "Server Mode" within the product.  There are three choices;  Standalone, Roaming, and Fixed.
    • "Standalone" or "Optional" is the one you want if you do not have a WebInspect Enterprise or HP AMP server, or if you do have one but do not plan on slaving your WebInspect desktop installation to that server.  This Standalone mode still permits you to Connect to those servers, but you still operate as a free desktop, connecting directly to HP Fortify for your SmartUpdates.
    • If you do plan to tether your WebInspect desktop installation to your enterprise server, you will want to set this field to one of the other two values available.  These two are only used when centralized control is desired over the WebInspect desktop user(s) on the network.
      1. "Roaming" - This value means that your WebInspect desktop is a slave to the enterprise server, but that it can also disconnect from that server and travel.  A Roaming Mode license must be connected to its enterprise server at least once after installation.  All SmartUpdates come to his WebInspect desktop installation only from the enterprise server, and only after those new releases have been approved by the enterprise administrators.  The WebInspect user is limited to their Permissions as defined on the enterprise server, even when disconnected.  Any changes to their Permissions only take effect after they have reconnected to the enterprise server.
      2. "Fixed" - This value means that your WebInspect desktop is a slave to the enterprise server, full-time, and cannot disconnect from that server.  In fact, WebInspect desktop will cease to operate if that connection is severed.  As with the Roaming Mode, all SmartUpdates come to this "Fixed" WebInspect desktop installation only from the enterprise server, and only after those new releases have been approved by the enterprise administrators.

  • "Do you have an Activation Token?" - If you evaluated the product prior to purchase, you could opt to have that temporary Activation Token become your permanent, Purchased Token.  Or you can skip this and have a fresh, new Token issued, but then you would need to swap it out with the old one.

  • At the bottom of the screen may be options to issue the Activation Token to a particular user other than yourself.  When you click Finish, the Activation token will be e-mailed to that contact (or yourself), once this request has been processed.  Generally this occurs in 1 business day.
    • At any point, if the assigned contact details are inaccurate for your Activation Token and/or staff reassignments, simply open a Fortify Support case providing the full contact details and the affected Activation Token(s) that you would want edited.

Sample WebInspect license creation on Poetic web site.jpg

  • Right now I have concurrent licenses installed into the LIM and these are used for WI desktop.  I'd like to set up a WI Enterprise server.  Do I need to get a different license for the WI Enterprise server?  I tried to put in the same token I have for WI desktop into the initialization wizard for WI Enterprise and it's not working.

  • WebInspect Enterprise (WIE) is a different product altogether and requires its own Activation Token.  You will need to contact your HP Fortify Sales rep and/or Fortify Support regarding this, especially to get a full understanding of the architecture and system requirements

    WIE consists of a Manager server, a MS SQL server, an administrative thick client Console (1 or more), and a remote scanner engine Sensor (1 or more).  WebInspect (desktop edition) such as yours may be connected to the Manager or disconnected, for data transfer and review, but not to operate as a remotely controlled scanner engine, i.e. Sensor.

    More details may be found at the WebInspect Enterprise product page below.

    Please note that the WIE Sensor installation is the exact same as the WebInspect desktop, but there is no Activation Token for the Sensor.  When you purchase additional Sensors, the HP Licensing Team actually modifies your WIE Manager server Activation Token.  In that license is a value for Maximum Connected Sensors, and they would increment that value.  Your next run of SmartUpdate on the WIE Manager (see WIE Console) would fetch the updated license capabilities.  You can install as many Sensors on your network as you wish, but the WIE administrators may only Enable as many as the WIE Manager license permits; the remaining Sensors would just be idle and essentially wasted effort.

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