Fortify WebInspect - can't interact with window?


I just signed up for a trial of WebInspect as I am doing some comparison between that, Acunetix, Synopsis, and Veracode as our Veracode licenses recently elapsed.

I got WebInspect fully installed, then got MSSQL Express running, and finally got my trial license key from MicroFocus installed. Now when I open WebInspect, I first see the 'splash screen', then once that finishes loading, I get a message about my (trial) license expiring soon, with the main window behind that.

Once I clear the license expiration warning, though, the WebInspect window seems to glitch out and jump across the screen, and then I can't interact with it at all. Nothing works, when I try to click it I just get the windows 'chime' sound. I can't interact with the window at all, and have to use task manager to kill it.

So.. any guidance? I want to give WebInspect a fair shake but this is making it impossible to work with.

  • The chime would suggest that there's another dialog hidden behind the main window (or elsewhere on your desktop).  Not something I've come across before, though.  You didn;t mention which version of Windows you're using - could be a factor.  I'd suggest trying the install on another machine.  Support can take care of deactivationg this license instance so that you can use your token elsewhere.

    Other things to consider - perhaps AV or IDS (McAfee etc.) is intefrering - definitely worth a try disabling those as a test.

  • Yeah, the chime definitely makes me think that it's something like a hidden window that is blocking focus. My suspicion is that it has something to do with my 4k screen / scaling configuration on my Dell XPS15, but who knows...

    I am running Windows 10 Pro, for what it's worth. I guess I will try to install into a VM instead as that's my only other option.


  • Actually, before you do so - chek out the document here: ftp://wipatch:d_HU3zn!

    If the symptom there matches what you're seeing (I'm thinking now that it might) then try the accompanying patch.

  • I took a look and while the issue seems similar, it's not exactly the same.

    I tried replacing the browser anyway, since there's nothing to lose there, and the result was getting into the "disjointed browser window state" that is described in the PDF. So.... the issue must be somewhat related, but this fix won't work for me.

    Thanks anyway!

  • You may need to uninstall and reinstall, and in particular use the Run As Administrator feature.  If the issue recurs, you could reach out to Fortify Support for assistance.  As a Trial user you would not be in their system, so you would need to specify you need it opened as a "Trust Case" for a Trial user.  Sorry, but low priority.


    If you are seriously evaluating the product for purchase, then you would be better served by contacting Fortify Sales.  They can provide you a wider-range license to use as well as put you in contact with your own Presales Engineer to trouble-shoot the install issue.  You can fill out the form below to get in touch, or send me a Private Message with your full contact information and location and I can pass it to the Sales team to identify your regional rep.