Ideal System & Software configuration for WebInspact 10.30



I'm trying to build a system for WebInspact 10.30 standalone (as a scan agent) and WebInspact Ent.


What is the ideal/best system and software configuration?


IE ) Quod Core, 32 GB Ram, 2TB Hard, Windows 2012 Server, MS SQL 2012...... 





  • Verified Answer

    Since WebInspect 10.30 and WebInspect Enterprise 10.30 were co-released with the Fortify suite of products version 4.20, their system requirements were folded inside the Fortify materials.  The attached Fortify 4.21 System Requirements will provide you all the specs needed.


    In addition, I have attached a Very Robust suggestion for WebInspect Enterprise 10.30.  This is far beyond the Minimum and Recommended specs, but can serve as your guideline.


    When implementing the full WebInspect Enterprise solution, you will have best performance using separated machines, as follows.

    • 1 SSC Server (Java web aserver)
    • 1 WIE Manager server (IIS web server)
    • 1 MS SQL Server (for SSC and WIE)
    • 1 WIE Sensor machines with SQL Express installed locally