Re: Webinspect Agent - Not Detected



We were not able to find WebInspect Agent in the following link "". Can anyone share the link from which we can download it?



Vinoth S



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  • WebInspect Agent is a custom form of the Fortify Runtime product.  In fact, it is just an install selection made during the Runtime installation process.    This is why the WI Agent may not be running on a web server that is also running Runtime (RTAL/RTAP), because their rule sets would conflict.


    When the Agent is selected, the installer automatically drops in the appropriate fortify.license file (WI Agent is a free product!) and it then applies the appropriate rule set rather than the RTAL or RTAP rule sets.  Because of this installation quirk, you must download the Runtime materials to get WebInspect Agent.  This is poorly documented in our Marketing collateral, and you have to imagine that the word "Runtime" in all the install guides is replaced with "WI Agent".    :-/



    There are two Runtime installers, one for a Java web server and one for IIS .NET web server, so be sure to acquire the correct one for your application.


    When you log into the HP SSO portal, your existing SAID for acquiring WebInspect materials should also allow the Runtime materials to be displayed.  If these Runtime downloads are not present, please contact Fortify Support with your SAID and ask for that to be corrected.  Additionally, the Fortify product documentation (but not the installers) has also been collected in the customer-portal at Protect724.