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Fortify Integration with GitLab

This Digital Learning course helps the user configure and run Fortify’s static and dynamic scans in their GitLab environment to include Security early in the SDLC. Learn the steps for setting up Fortify and showcasing the ease of use for creating repositories, templates, and workflows through GitLab. This course is intended for intermediate to advanced users.

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Course (New & just Updated): (FREE for All – Quick Access) Fortify Integration with GitLab: This course follows the story of you as the Security Champion. Management has decided to utilize Fortify in your GitLab platform to deal with explosive application security risks. This is a big project and you are the security champion! 
In phase one, you will focus on setting up and configuring Fortify SAST (Static Application Security Testing) into GitLab by creating repositories, adding variables, code, and finally creating actions to run your scans with Fortify and have it automatically upload to your SSC (Software Security Center) for auditing any findings Fortify discovers. 
In phase two, you will be tasked with implementing Fortify DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) WebInspect projects into your GitLab platform and have it set up to upload the results to WebInspect so you can review any findings. 

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