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Fortify on Demand (FoD) SAST – an Introduction for Developers

As a developer that uses FoD, in this course, you will get an introduction on how to perform SAST scans from the web interface and supported IDEs, how to interpret scan results, how to use FoD to help you determine which issues need addressing, how to get guidance on fixing issues, how to create reports and how to create dashboards. Whilst the course is aimed at developers, it is also suitable for application security managers and members of the security team.

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Course (New): (FREE for All – Quick Access) Fortify on Demand (FoD) SAST – an Introduction for Developers: This course follows the application development workflow for a DevOps team to address issues discovered by Fortify. It helps the user run FoD to include Security early in the SDLC. The focus is around providing simple steps to run and analyze Fortify scans in FoD and showcase the ease of use for scanning statically. The course includes Chatbots (AI), to help you get answers to questions & more Thumbsup

We don't force sequential learning, select whatever topics you want to learn, however, we do recommend you take them in sequential order to get the full story Grinning

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