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Chatbots in Fortify Digital Learning, is it Hype?

Hi, all you Fortify Digital Learning Champions Blush

I should have done this sooner, but I wanted to ask you a question.

Is having a Chatbot or bots embedded in Fortify Digital Learning worth it?

A Chatbot can offer answers to questions (24/7) that might not be available in the Digital Learning offering or are easy to find. As a Plus, the Chatbot can provide you, the ability to ask a question & get an answer from our SMEs privately & in turn, potentially adding that info to the Chatbot for others to access Blush

We did a very basic Chatbot trial for our Fortify on Demand (FoD) SAST – an Introduction for Developers course, with a specific Survey for the Chatbot. Yet, we have received very few surveys Frowning2

The Fortify Learning Digital Team (The Fortify Force) is here to help improve your Learner experience. Blush We have recently offered Audio (which will be included in all future Digital Learning Blush) & even a Knowledgebase experience (Trial), especially helpful for revisits; check it outThumbsup

Maybe the course we offered the Chatbot in is not your thing, all good, but would having a Chatbot in a course that is your thing be worth it? Please let us know as our Chatbot time is at the eleventh hour Frowning2

You have the power & if we do not get any more feedback, well, Chatbots in our Fortify Digital Learning are history Cry

Make your voice known, you have a big say in things, please fill out the Survey for the Chatbot.  Pray



Learn something new today my friends Slight smile