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WebInspect standalone and ScanCentral DAST controller on docker


Does somebody configured WebInspect standalone wo work with SC DASTcontainer? Where I can get any tutorial? I haven't found strict information on WI or DAST guide. 

I've copied WI docker config to standalone API and its is active.

I'm not sure how to configure sersor service. When I typed 

in "Manager URL", and SSC account as "Sensor Authentication" I received error: "The AMP Manager was not found. ..."

WI and DAST are in current version.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance



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  • DAST Sensor Service is installed on Windows Server 2019. "dotNet Framework 4.7 Featues" are installed with Server Manager, but hosfxr.dll file is unavailable. 

    When I tried to install .NET Framework 4.8, I received error "NET Framework 4.8 or a later update is already installed on this computer". 
    The workaround is to install ".NET Framework 4.8 Developer Pack"

    File hosfxr.dll is still unavailable despite installing DevPack. Installing dotNet Framework 5.0 doesnt resolve problem too. 

    problem still persists