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Fortify SAST Digital Learning

Fortify SAST

Lesson 1 Updated April 6/2023: Fortify SAST Lesson One: Utilization of Fortify Software Security Center (SSC) and Audit Workbench (AWB), now with Audio Sound.

Lesson 2 Updated April 6/2023 : Fortify SAST Lesson Two: Configuring Audit Assistant (AA) in SSC and using Fortify Command Line, now with Audio Sound.

Lesson 3 Updated April 6/2023 : Fortify SAST Lesson Three: Utilize Filters in Audit Workbench and Using the Fortify Scan Wizardnow with Audio Sound.

Lesson 4 Updated April 6/2023 : Fortify SAST Lesson Four: Fortify SAST Integration with IDEs and Bug Trackersnow with Audio Sound.

Specialist Exam: (Free for All - LMS) Specialist Exam: Guest Access | Customer Access | Partner Access | Employee Access.  It is recommended that you take the above Lessons in sequential order before taking the exam. These Lessons will also be available in our LMS. The exam consists of 12 random questions. If you pass, you will receive a Specialist badge within 48 hours. 

Lesson 5 Updated April 28/2023: Fortify SAST Lesson Five: Fortify SSC & SCA Integration with Jenkins as CI Pipeline, now with Audio Sound.

Lesson 6: Administering and Using Fortify SAST Lesson Six: Integration with Bug Tracking Solutions and Integrating Build Tools, Maven, and Gradle

Lesson 7: Administering and Using Fortify SAST Lesson Seven: Using Fortify Command Line Utilities and Advanced Scanning 

Lesson 8 New May 10/2023: Fortify SAST Lesson Eight:  Fortify SAST Integration with Debrickednow with Audio Sound.

Lesson 9: Administering and Using Fortify SAST Lesson Eight: Installation and Configuration of ScanCentral SAST