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Fortify SSC 22.1 UI problems

Anybody else experiencing weird UI problems w/ SSC 22.1? For example, sometimes when I navigate to an app to do audits, the web page continuously reloads itself and never finishes loading. I end up having to leave the page and come back to it to hopefully get it to not go into some infinite loop. Very annoying. Never happened before 22.1, and it happens to me a lot.

  • None of my clients experience this issue.

    I would need more information to troubleshoot.  Is this issue occurring on a specific application version?  What are your tomcat memory settings?  Is your SSC database on Prem or in the cloud?  What is the SSC database size?

  • I've seen a few quarks as well, but not this specific one.  The biggest impact on SSC UI behavior is going to be the browser you are using and how you are running it.  SSC's web UI makes heavy use of browser side dynamic capabilities.  Can you confirm that your browser is within the recommended guidelines articulated here:


    The browser window size can impact UI behavior.  For example, even if you are within the recommended 1400 x 800 resolution, is your browser view for SSC configured to zoom in?  If so, try resetting to 100% zoom and see if you can reproduce.

    Also, you might try to see if you can reproduce the issue on some other web browser on your same workstation.

    Are any of your peers using SSC, and if so, do any of them see this same behavior?  If not, that might be a basis for isolating the key environmental difference causing your browser to experience this behavior.  And if you can isolate the key environmental trigger and it is something we should supporting, we'd love to hear about it.

  • Definitely on a supported browser. I'll reset the zoom and see what happens. Seems silly that zooming would cause the page to reload continuously.

  • It's most certainly a client-side issue, so I doubt it has anything to do with tomcat or the database. Was really just asking the question to see if I was alone with this problem.

  • totally dude - we pulled our upgrade fro 21.2 to 22.1.2 for a plethora of reasons - dont get me wrong - we are getting early drops etc for testing but we kept hitting many issues. So we have stayed on 21.2 and are testing 22.2 extensively.

    Our oddest behaviour has been some interaction between SSO and uploading - if we come in without SSO then user can upload. VIA SSO - often will get a 401.

    When looking (as an admin) at a page I can often be flipped between a previous view and the current one - given this is hard to repro I give up raising this with Fortify Support.

    We had changes to the way plugins work (a fix is coming out for that).

    I see plenty of console errors via F12, images that get 404 -- so WHY look for them SSC? I didnt ask to find it ... and I suspect some of the data queries need limits - it is as if the request is trying to pull ALL the info back - but it will only display say 20 items - so pull the 20 please.

    Finally I find examples where UI can perform and action but API cannot - this is disappointing because I used to tell my users "The new UI is backed by an API".

    Well - not as much as it used to be.

    I think there is a lot of potential for the SSC - but we cannot afford the regressions.