Fortify ScanCentral DAST Digital Learning Series

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Part 1: (Free for All) Administering and Using Fortify ScanCentral DAST Digital Learning Part One-FTeDAST01SP-202

Part 2: Administering and Using Fortify ScanCentral DAST Digital Learning Part Two-FTeDAST02SP-202

Intermediate to advanced user DIGITAL LEARNING

Fortify ScanCentral DAST is a dynamic application security testing tool that is comprised of the Fortify WebInspect sensor service and other supporting technologies that you can use in conjunction with Fortify Software Security Center to secure your applications. This Learning Series (Part One & Part Two) helps the user to install and configure ScanCentral DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) into your SSC (Software Security Center) platform to include Security early in the SDLC. The focus is around providing simple steps to setup Fortify (SSC, WI, ScanCentral DAST) in a lab environment and showcase the ease of use for scanning dynamically.

Part 1 Agenda:

  • Setting up the server and pulling Docker images
  • Setting up the LIM (License Infrastructure Manager) as a license server and update the WI license
  • Installing the eDAST configuration tool
  • Configure WI as a Sensor in ScanCentral DAST and Run a Basic Scan to Test
  • Configuring WI Docker version with eDAST and Running ScanCentral DAST Scans and Reports

Part 2 Agenda:

  • REST API scans using Swagger, Postman
  • Installing Newman for Advanced API Scanning via Postman -- for CI/CD Pipeline
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