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Lesson 1: Administering and Using Fortify DAST Lesson One-FTDASTWI01SP-202: Setting up the server and Run Basic WebInspect Scans

Lesson 2: Administering and Using Fortify DAST Lesson Two-FTDASTWI02SP-202: Workflow-Driven Scan and Macros

Lesson 3: Administering and Using Fortify DAST Lesson Three-FTDASTWI03SP-202: API Scanning with WebInspect

Lesson 4: Administering and Using Fortify DAST Lesson Four-FTDASTWI04SP-202: Using WebInspect Tools

Lesson 5: Administering and Using Fortify DAST Lesson Five-FTDASTWI05SP-202: WebInspect Enterprise Agent IAST

Lesson 1 (Updated): Administering and Using Fortify SAST Lesson One-FTSAST01SP-202: Configuration of Fortify SSC and Audit Workbench (AWB)

Lesson 2 (Updated): Administering and Using Fortify SAST Lesson Two-FTSAST02SP-202: Configuring Audit Assistant (AA) in SSC and using Fortify Command Line

Lesson 3 (Updated): Administering and Using Fortify SAST Lesson Three-FTSAST03SP-202: Utilize Filters in Audit Workbench and Using the Fortify Scan Wizard

Lesson 4 (Updated): Administering and Using Fortify SAST Lesson Four-FTSAST04SP-202: Installing SCA Plugin in Various IDEs

Part 1:  Administering and Using Fortify ScanCentral DAST Digital Learning Part One-FTeDAST01SP-202:

Setting up the server and pulling Docker images

Setting up the LIM (License Infrastructure Manager) as a license server and update the WI license

Installing the eDAST configuration tool

Configure WI as a Sensor in ScanCentral DAST and Run a Basic Scan to Test

Configuring WI Docker version with eDAST and Running ScanCentral DAST Scans and Reports