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Fortify DAST Free Digital Learning

Fortify DAST

Lesson 1 (Updated): Administering and Using Fortify DAST Lesson One: Setting up the server and Run Basic WebInspect Scans

Lesson 2 (Updated): Administering and Using Fortify DAST Lesson Two: Workflow-Driven Scan and Macros

Lesson 3 (Updated): Administering and Using Fortify DAST Lesson Three: API Scanning with WebInspect

Lesson 4 (Updated): Administering and Using Fortify DAST Lesson Four: Using WebInspect Tools

Lesson 5 (Updated): Administering and Using Fortify DAST Lesson Five: WebInspect Enterprise Agent IAST

Specialist Exam (New): (Free for All - LMS) Specialist Exam: Guest Access | Customer Access | Partner Access | Employee Access.  It is recommended that you take the above Lessons in sequential order before taking the exam. These Lessons will also be available in our LMS. The exam consists of 12 random questions. If you pass, you will receive a Specialist badge within 48 hours.