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Micro Focus Fortify is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Fortify WebInspect Version 19.1.0. The 19.1.0 release emphasizes automation capabilities, integrating our dynamic technology as part of an organization’s ecosystem, and improving the user experience. We continue to build on our vision to continue our market leadership by providing key enterprise enhancements that focus on improvements in speed, automation and usability.

Fortify WebInspect Key Highlights

  • Macro Recorder Updates: To support modern frameworks, we’ve released a technical preview of our updated macro recorder tool. After changing the default macro recorder setting under Application Settings, the updated tool will be available via the Basic Scan Wizard.
  • Macro Validation: WebInspect can now optionally test macros prior to scanning both via the API and UI. To modify this behavior, check out the authentication tab under your scan settings.
  • Macro Auto-gen: WebInspect can now automatically create a login macro with just a URL, username, and password. This feature is available via the UI, API, and CLI. Keep in mind you can still use our familiar Login Macro Recorder to record a macro manually.
  • API Expansion: Includes details around scan statistics, and enables simplified querying of vulnerability information.
  • Performance Improvements: For applications with very wide directory structures. To tune this behavior, look for directory hit count under your scan settings.
  • WebSockets Improvements: Additional visualization of session frames, as well added vulnerability categories.
  • API Scanning Improvements: Our WISWAG tool can now consume definitions built in the OpenAPI 3.0 specification. WebInspect can also now handle bearer tokens for improved authentication support.
  • Improved Server-Level Correlation: Correlating server-level checks at the host reduces noise and improves issue tracking. To modify this behavior, look for the host-level setting within Policy Manager.
  • Blind SQL Injection Accuracy: Find more real issues, and fewer false positives.
  • Multi-user Login: For session restricted applications, WebInspect can support a unique username and password for each thread. Look at scan settings under authentication.
  • Settings Visualization Improvements: The scan and application settings forms now scale properly on high resolution monitors.
  • WebInspect Containerized: WebInspect can now be deployed for API- and CLI-driven scanning via a Docker container. Customers with concurrent use licenses should check out the WebInspect on Docker guide for more detail.

Fortify Ecosystem and Marketplace

The Micro Focus Fortify Ecosystem is an integration framework covering 10 software categories with the tools, applications and REST APIs that organizations are leveraging across DevOps and 3rd party toolchains. Our ecosystem enable our customers to integrate our solutions easily and seamlessly into their environments with tools found in our Fortify Marketplace.

The Fortify Marketplace enables customers to go to one location to access new integrations, plugins, updates, etc. The Fortify Marketplace can be found here: Fortify Marketplace

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You can find both html and pdf documentation for Fortify version 19.1.0 software products at:


The following quick link is provided for your convenience for our 19.1.0 release:

Note: Legacy documentation (prior to 18.20) can still be found at:


Contact Support

For support, please visit https://softwaresupport.softwaregrp.com/

We hope that you continue to find out products helpful and we welcome any feedback. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Scott Johnson
Director of Product Management
Micro Focus Security Fortify
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