Fortify on Demand now available on AWS Marketplace


Original Question: Fortify on Demand now available on AWS Marketplace by Amandine Judas

Fortify on Demand is excited to announce that we are available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace

AWS customers can now select a secure AppSec tool to help them meet the increasing need for application security at every stage of the software development process. The earlier AppSec testing happens, the better - and that is what FoD has to offer: a solution for customers needing a fast, easy, and scalable AppSec program without the infrastructure and security staff costs. 

Fortify on Demand users will have access to static, dynamic website, dynamic, dynamic web services and mobile application security assessments that are made available by purchasing and redeeming FoD Assessment Units. 

Here are a couple of highlights of what FoD offers:

  • Supports 27 languages with actionable results in less than 1 hour for most applications with DevOps automation
  • Identifies over 250 unique vulnerability categories for web applications in QA, staging or production
  • Real-time vulnerability identification in the developer's IDE with Security Assistant

Fortify on Demand (FoD) is Micro Focus' cloud AppSec solution that offers static, dynamic, and mobile application security testing technologies, along with runtime application monitoring and protection, backed by industry-leading security research. 

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