Fortify on Demand 21.2.1 Release


We are pleased to announce the release of Fortify on Demand 21.2.1!

The 21.2.1 release was deployed on Thursday, December 9th, 2021. All the details of this release can be found within the user guide in the "What's New" section.
Here are the highlights of the new release:

Engine and Rulepack Updates
Fortify Software Security Content 2021 Update 2 and 3 Support
(2021 November update) Fortify on Demand has implemented Fortify Software Security Content 2021 update 2 and update 3 from Fortify Security Research (SSR). For more information, see

New Features
Specify Subdomains for Dynamic+ Website Assessment
Users can now specify subdomains to be included in scanning for a Dynamic+ Website assessment. Specifying subdomains is currently available through the scan settings in the Fortify on Demand portal.

Permission Update for Downloading Static Scan Payload
In addition to Security Leads, users who start a static assessment can now download the static scan payload.
Permission Update for Application Name Changes
Application name changes are now restricted to users who have the Create Applications permission. This prevents unintended name changes by users who cannot create applications.
Copy Release Feature Update
The "copy state from existing release" feature now copies only completed and imported scans. Data from other scans, including scan settings from paused and in-progress scans, are not copied.

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