Fortify On Premise Product Announcement: 22.2.0


At Fortify, we believe great code is secure code and helping customers achieve it runs through everything we do. Fortify continues to cover the most critical use cases common to today's software landscape. From DevSecOps, Cloud Transformation, and Securing the Software Supply Chain, Fortify is the only AppSec solution recognized as a market leader by Gartner, Forrester, IDC and G2.

This week, we are excited to announce the general availability of our Fortify 22.2.0 release! With enhanced offerings to increase speed, accuracy, scalability, and ease of use, this marks another important chapter in Fortify’s elevation of code security. This release contains updates to Fortify Static Code Analyzer, Fortify WebInspect, Fortify Software Security Center, and Fortify Software Composition Analysis.

Some of the highlights of this release include:

  • Updated API Scanning - Configuring automation for APIs is complicated. The 22.2 release features new ways for users to configure their API scanning to cover any authentication scenario. 

  • Simplified deployment - WebInspect and ScanCentral DAST are easier to deploy and maintain for developers, resulting in cost savings.

  • Continued & New Language Support - Many languages were updated and new frameworks were added, including general purpose (Kotlin), specialists (Apex, COBOL) and front-end frameworks (React, Vue)

  • Platform - Fortify SCA is now officially supported on the popular M1 platform.

  • Compliance - Fortify SCA uses FIPS 140-2 compliant algorithms for cryptography.

  • Linux Version of WebInspect and ScanCentral DAST - Users can now run WebInspect and ScanCentral DAST through the CLI (Command Line) or through the API.

  • Viewing and Auditing Debricked Vulnerability Results - You can now view and audit Debricked scan results for applications in Fortify Software Security Center so that, in addition to seeing vulnerabilities in the source code, you can also view the open-source vulnerabilities from third-party libraries. For details, see "Viewing Open Source Data" in the user guide.

To see the complete list of new functions and features, visit our What's New in Fortify Software 22.2.0 documentation.

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