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Micro Focus Fortify is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Fortify Software Security Center (SSC), Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA) 18.20, and WebInspect 18.20. (WebInspect Enterprise 18.20 is scheduled to be released on December the 6th 2018.)
The 18.20 release provides core language improvements as well as tool and integration enhancements to drive greater customer efficiency and value.

Fortify Software Security Center (SSC) & Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA) 18.20 Product Announcement

Fortify SSC and SCA 18.20 release emphasizes the evolving needs to enhance existing languages, improve integration/automation capabilities and support for new constructs and frameworks. We continue to build on our vision to continue our market leadership by providing key enterprise enhancements that focus on improvements in speed, automation and usability.

Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA) Key Highlights

  • Apple update. Support has been added for:
    • Swift 4.2
    • Xcode 10
    • Objective-C/C Swift 4.2/Xcode 10
  • TypeScript 2.8 support has been added
  • .NET applications to use MSBuild integration
  • Updated Python translator for both 2 & 3
  • js 10.x support has been added
  • Angular 6 support has been added
  • Java 9 enhancements
  • Logging infrastructure updated

Fortify Software Security Center (SSC), Ecosystem and UI Tools Key Highlights

  • SSC scan processing now up to 30% faster
  • Automated machine assisted predictions w/ Audit Assistant
  • New Fortify Jenkins plugin now available
  • Integrated security training in SSC with Secure Code Warrior

WebInspect & WebInspect Enterprise 18.20 Product Announcements

Fortify WebInspect and Fortify WebInspect Enterprise 18.20 release emphasizes automation capabilities, integrating our dynamic technology as part of an organizations ecosystem, and improving the user experience.

Fortify WebInspect customers can upgrade to the latest version beginning on October 31, 2018.  WebInspect can be upgraded to the latest release using SmartUpdate service. WebInspect Enterprise 18.20 upgrades will be available after December 6, 2018.

Fortify WebInspect 18.20 Key Highlights

  • Support for vulnerability detection across WebSockets.
  • Improved command line control to support pause/resume of running scans, and improves parity with the existing API functionality.

Fortify WebInspect Enterprise 18.20 Key Highlights (Avail Dec 6)

  • Stability of sensors and preventing sensors going offline. WebInspect Enterprise customers will realize more reliable sensor operation and greater uptime.
  • WIE API improvements continue to reduce friction with improved automation.
  • WIE SmartUpdate improved controls allows more efficient bandwidth and disk space usage.

 Fortify Ecosystem and Marketplace

The Micro Focus Fortify Ecosystem is an integration framework covering 10 software categories with the tools, applications and REST APIs that organizations are leveraging across DevOps and 3rd party toolchains. Our ecosystem enable our customers to integrate our solutions easily and seamlessly into their environments with tools found in our Fortify Marketplace.

The Fortify Marketplace enables customers to go to one location to access new integrations, plugins, updates, etc.  The Fortify Marketplace can be found here: Fortify Marketplace

 Join the Micro Focus Security Fortify Community!

Join the Micro Focus Security community that provides customer-facing forums, educational webinar, product documentation and tutorials. Connect with peers, ask questions, search for solutions, share ideas, and collaborate over best practices in the Protect724 Community today. Visit: https://community.softwaregrp.com/t5/Fortify/ct-p/fortify


You can find both html and pdf documentation for Fortify version 18.20 software products at:


 The following quick links have been provided for your convenience for our 18.20 release:


Note: Legacy documentation (prior to 18.20) can still be found at:



Contact Support

For support, please visit https://softwaresupport.softwaregrp.com/

Details are available in the attached release letters along with specific feature requirements. We hope that you continue to find out products helpful and we welcome any feedback. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Scott Johnson

Director of Product Management

Micro Focus Security Fortify

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