Micro Focus Fortify Product Announcement: Audit Assistant On-premise 19.2


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Micro Focus Fortify is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Fortify Audit Assistant On-premise Version 19.2.

This first on-premise release (19.2) of Audit Assistant offers all Audit Assistant as a service capabilities on-premise without sending any data outside the customer network. Audit Assistant is compatible with all Fortify on-premise licensing models and can be purchased as a perpetual license or a term subscription license. It is designed using container technology to ensure consistent and easy deployment of this on-premise technology.

We continue to build on our vision to continue our market leadership by providing key enterprise enhancements that focus on improvements in speed, automation and usability.

Fortify Audit Assistant Key Highlights

  • Start getting audit results in minutes by using Fortify on Demand’s dataset comprised of subject matter experts’ audit decisions.
  • Deploy on-premise for isolated networks.
  • Leverage state of the art deployment methods via Docker / Kubernetes.
  • Create and train your own classifiers & policies for your organization’s unique context with regards to auditing.
  • Benefit from up to 98% audit decision accuracy from the start, continuously improve the accuracy through feedback.

You can learn more about Audit Assistant from the datasheet here:

Interested in how Audit Assistant works? You can find the Audit Assistant whitepaper here:

You can see a video demonstration of the concept and Audit Assistant here on Fortify Unplugged:
(While this video covers Audit Assistant as a service, Audit Assistant on-premise uses the exact same principles for on-premise deployments. A new Fortify Unplugged video on Audit Assistant on-premise will be available soon.)
Reduce false positives with Fortify Audit Assistant


Fortify Ecosystem and Marketplace

The Micro Focus Fortify Ecosystem is an integration framework covering 10 software categories with the tools, applications and REST APIs that organizations are leveraging across DevOps and 3rd party toolchains. Our ecosystem enable our customers to integrate our solutions easily and seamlessly into their environments with tools found in our Fortify Marketplace.

The Fortify Marketplace enables customers to go to one location to access new integrations, plugins, updates, etc. The Fortify Marketplace can be found here: Fortify Marketplace


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You can find both html and pdf documentation for Fortify version 19.1.0 software products at:


The following quick link is provided for your convenience for our 19.2 release:

Micro Focus Fortify Audit Assistant on Premise Installation and Administration User Guide


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For support, please visit https://softwaresupport.softwaregrp.com/

We hope that you continue to find out products helpful and we welcome any feedback. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Director of Product Management
Micro Focus Security Fortify
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