Translations: Fortify Software Security Content 2020 Update 2


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Fortify Software Security Research (SSR) is pleased to announce translated updates to the Fortify Secure Coding Rulepacks (English language, version 2020.2.0), Fortify WebInspect SecureBase (available via SmartUpdate), Fortify Application Defender, and Fortify Premium Content.

The full release announcement for each language is attached.


El Equipo de investigación de seguridad para software (SSR) se complace en anunciar la disponibilidad inmediata de actualizaciones para Fortify Secure Coding Rulepacks (en inglés, versión 2020.2.0), Fortify WebInspect SecureBase (disponible mediante SmartUpdate) y Fortify Premium Content.


Fortify Software Security Research (SSR) は、Fortify Secure Coding Rulepacks (英語、バージョン 2020.2.0)Fortify WebInspect SecureBase (SmartUpdate で利用可能)、および Fortify Premium Content への更新をまもなくリリースいたします。


Fortify SSR(Software Security Research) Fortify Secure Coding Rulepacks(영어, 버전 2020.2.0), Fortify WebInspect SecureBase(SmartUpdate를 통해 사용 가능) Fortify Premium Content의 업데이트를 바로 사용할 수 있다는 점을 알려 드립니다.


O Fortify Software Security Research (SSR) tem a satisfação de anunciar a disponibilidade imediata de atualizações para o Fortify Secure Coding Rulepacks (versão em inglês 2020.2.0), Fortify WebInspect SecureBase (disponível via SmartUpdate) e Fortify Premium Content.

Chinese Simplified

Fortify 软件安全研究 (SSR) 团队荣幸地宣布,我们即将推出 Fortify Secure Coding Rulepack2020.2.0 英文版)、Fortify WebInspect SecureBase(可通过 SmartUpdate 获取)和 Fortify Premium Content 的更新。

Chinese Traditional

Fortify Software Security Research (SSR) 欣然宣布,現已推出以下產品的更新:Fortify Secure Coding Rulepacks (英文,2020.2.0 )Fortify WebInspect SecureBase (可透過 SmartUpdate 取得),以及 Fortify Premium Content

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