Join us to learn about the latest release of Fortify! Tech Focus User Group Webinar, Nov 21


Scaling application security testing to keep pace with the application’s velocity and explosion

Welcome to our new Tech Focus virtual user group focused on Application Security. Please join us on Thursday, November 21 to hear about the new release of Fortify SCA. Fortify SCA’s latest features are designed to support successful and up-to-speed DevOps initiatives by automating and shifting left all the Application Security Testing activities for your applications.

In this webinar, we’ll review actions that can be taken based on the metrics generated from your Fortify scans and discuss how to plan internal enablement sessions to support the development teams in your organization.

You’ll learn about:

  • How to reduce the friction between development and security teams by leveraging the enablement related to the most identified vulnerabilities and their associated security risks
  • How to increase the speed of the scanning and remediation process in your Application Security Program
  • The architecture of a Fortify Scan Central integration within a CI/CD environment
  • How to establish an automated issue auditing and triage process for false positive reduction
  • How to review metrics to prioritize issue remediation for quick wins
  • How Audit Assistant and Scan Central work, via live demos


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Comment List
  • Thanks Brent, I saw that last Friday as well. Thanks for your response with the release notes.



    Static Code Analyzer 19.2 is now available as of Friday. Please check back now and confirm. You can find the release notes in this post which went live on Friday as well.


  • Hi. I was not able to attend today's webinar. Is there a Static Code Analyzer Version 19.2 available now (for Linux)? The latest I see on my entitlements is 19.1 and Patch 19.1.2.