Webinar: AppSec in a Cloud First Culture, Aug 17

AppSec in a Cloud First Culture

Brent Jenkins, Director of Product Marketing, Fortify, CyberRes


Many organizations have moved application build pipelines, source code, and hosting of their running apps entirely to cloud services—unlocking efficiencies and unleashing innovation faster than ever. However, with this acceleration comes new challenges for application security.

In this webinar, we’ll explore deployment options to suit even the most resistant development teams and show you how the culture of the cloud can be harnessed for Fortify scans to bolster brand champions and secure your applications.

We’ll cover such topics as:
• Cloud transformation and what it means for AppSec
• Enabling AppSec on multi-cloud
• Workflows and solutions for AWS, Azure, and GCP

Join us to discover how to keep your applications secure as you keep pace with innovation in a cloud-first world.


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