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Cloud, DevOps, and Security: Present and Future

In this webinar, we’ll explore the relationship of several major trends in today's IT landscape:

  • The move to the cloud to increase infrastructural flexibility.
  • The introduction of DevOps to accelerate time-to-market of custom applications.
  • The ever-increasing need for security in the era of digital transformation.

The relationship is both obvious and subtle. One popular idea is to embed security into DevOps to get to DevSecOps. Another is to use cloud-based DevOps platforms such as Azure DevOps. But what if your cloud infrastructure is, in fact, defined as code that comes from the DevOps process? How will that influence DevSecOps? In addition to the security of our code and our cloud, what about the security of our DevOps systems? Can we use code to add cloud-based security mechanisms?

With reference to the SANS 2021 Survey, which covers many of these topics, we’ll discuss these trends and how they relate to practical actions that organizations can start taking today. 

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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