Fortify User Group Meeting | February 23, 2022


At the next Fortify User Group meeting, we’ll be talking about securing your software supply chain. We’ll discuss what happened during Log4J and beyond. Did your company have a plan? Did things go according to plan? Our team will share what happened at CyberRes, how we managed through the knowns and unknowns and what we learned.

We have some questions for you that will help get our discussion going. Take some time to think about these and be ready to share with your fellow members.

• How do you address your open-source vulnerabilities?
• Do you have a defined plan for addressing open-source zero days?
• Share one piece of advice you wish everyone knew about securing the supply chain

Introduce our session leaders - they will warm up the crowd and get the conversation rolling:

  • Shawn Simpson, Senior Product Manager, Fortify DAST
  • Brenton Witonski, Senior Product Manager, Fortify SSC and Fortify Hosted

Date and Time
Wednesday, February 23
8:30 am – 10:00 am PDT
17:30 – 19:00 CET

To get the most from your Fortify portfolio, join the user group and attend the quarterly meetings. 



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