Support Tip: [Fortify SCA] How to work if an Antivirus software is installed and interferes with scans


The customer is seeing slowness in the scans or the scans do not finish at all after several days, so the customer notes that an antivirus solution, like McAfee ENS solution, is installed on the machine where SCA is installed. How this situation can be corrected?

Fortify Static Code Analyzer

A scan launched by Fortify Extension in Visual Studio is very slow or does not finish after several days, and it seems like the antivirus solution is interfering the scans.

It looks like there could some components in Fortify SCA installation path that an antivirus like McAfee ENS considered potential security issues.

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  • Some companies (mine included) have directories where the virus check doesnt scan or at least runs in reduced mode. McAfee in particular doesnt seem to get along with Micro Focus. I run VMs (on my Corporate laptop) with normal Microsoft AntiVIrus and/or Linux - and indeed these do not interfere as much as McAfee.

    Having said all this - be sure to run your scan from the CLI like
    sourceanalyzer -b pants -verbose -debug -logfile tran.log devenv myProject.sln /REBUILD Debug

    then either review the tran_FortifySupport.log or send it to the folks at Micro Focus support.
    I would look for things like "minutes to" expand a rule. That shows your system is struggling with RAM.

    Also look at any memory exceptions - scanning the code itself (with a virus scanner) should not massively slow things down.

    Not having enough resources / not tuning your scan WILL slow you down!