Hands-on workshop: Seamlessly Build DevSecOps into AWS CI/CD Pipelines with CyberRes Fortify | Sept. 15


Implement security automation at the start of software development with Fortify SCA and AWS CodeStar

Protecting a business' custom code is vital in the evolving digital security landscape. CyberRes Fortify on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive DevSecOps solution that enables developers, DevOps, and security teams to deliver secure apps in an “everything-as-code” era.

In this hands-on lab, AWS and CyberRes will demonstrate the importance and simplicity of incorporating automation and testing to improve security in the early stages of app building.

Join to hear how:

  • Cloud-native application development moves through the process of continuous integration and testing of cloud-based services.
  • CyberRes Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA) integrates into AWS CodeStar and AWS continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to deliver application security automation
  • Static application security testing (SAST) identifies security vulnerabilities during the early stages of development.
  • CyberRes SCA uses multiple algorithms and an expansive knowledge base of secure coding rules to analyze an application’s source code for issues that may provide unintended access to unauthorized users.

Agenda & featured speakers

  • AWS introduction | Saurabh Shanbhag, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
  • Cloud application security accelerators | Vishwa Chawla, Global Practice Lead, Application Security, CyberRes
  • Introduction to CyberRes and better together value proposition with AWS | Giuseppe Salvato, Director Product Management, Fortify Platform and Integrations
  • Hands-on workshop: Running sample SAST scans, CodeStar SAST Integration scenarios | Rohit Baryha, Lead Fortify Security Architect, Fortify SCA Integration with AWS

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