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When upgrading SSC and running the ssc-migration.sql script, an error is presented regarding a duplicate column name. This describes some troubleshooting steps for finding and fixing the error in MySQL/Linux.

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When running the ssc-migration script, the database is throwing duplicate column errors. The script does not complete.
Examples (from 22.2 upgrade):

ERROR 1060 (42S21) at line 19: Duplicate column name 'parserType'.
ERROR 1060 (42S21) at line 21: Duplicate column name 'priorityOverrideActive'.

The character set and collation must match and be case-sensitive. If the character set does not match the collation, the script may err with 'parserType'. Some of the script may actually run and not get rolled back. If this happens, and the script is run again, some columns may already exist.


  1. Make sure the character set and collation match and are set to a case-sensitive collation. For example, in 22.2: latin1/latin1_general_cs or utf8/utf8_bin
  2. Restart Tomcat and SSC.
  3. Follow the SSC installation and create a new ssc-migration script.
  4. Run the ssc-migration script again. If there is a duplicate column error, the script may have partially run the first time.
  5. Find the ALTER statement in the script that attempts to add the column. Look in the database/table and verify the column already exists.
    To bypass the duplicate column name, comment out the ALTER statement in the script that adds the column.

Additional Information 
VERY IMPORTANT: Always have a backup of your database prior to upgrading and/or running any database scripts.

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